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Welcome to the Workshop Model-Driven and Agile Engineering for the Web (MDWE 2012)!!

It will take place as a satellite event of ICWE'2012 Berlin, Germany

The main goal of this workshop is to offer a forum to exchange experiences and ideas related to model-driven and agile development of Web applications. Accordingly, we will organize an interactive event where we will invite submissions from academia and industry about topics that comprise both model-driven and agile engineering.

The focus is on research for the improvement of the Web development (e.g. domain specific modeling languages, model transformation languages, reverse engineering, etc.) as well as on combining model-driven engineering (MDE) with agile software development (extreme programming, scrum, etc. ) and other industrial software paradigms (e.g., product line engineering, aspect-oriented development, etc.) for the development of Web applications. Further topics of interest are the inter-operability models for Web applications and resources (Web pages, Web services, mockups, portlets, distributed components, etc.) and the use of tools and frameworks for supporting model-driven and agile Web development.

Welcome are also contributions that foster discussions on the analysis of advantages, problems and limitations of such approaches in the Web engineering domain. Topics such as maintenance, evolution, testing, quality and management of model-based generated or agile developed Web systems are also relevant for this workshop. Regarding the thematic type of applications, we are in particular interested in work that addresses model-driven and agile approaches for the development of social and mobile Web applications.

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